Tuesday, 28 December 2010

LUSH Christmas Sale 2010 Haul

Today I have a LUSH Christmas sale 2010 haul for my wonderful little blog. ^^

LUSH has been brilliant this year - rather than having the spend £20 and get a free gift box (often small unfortunately) from last year - LUSH has introduced a 50% off instead. :) It's on all the Christmas items and also select other items in store! It's UK wide of course.

Some items that are not in the Christmas range but are still on sale are their tuca tuca massage bar, some random haircare products, the gorilla perfume items and another massage bar that I can't remember. I'm not sure if this is just individual shops though.

I'm planning on going back to another LUSH store with my friend on thursday so more to come! Until then, enjoy my quick rundown. ^^

A little pile of LUSH yellow bags ^^ I forgot to get a photo of my HUGEEE yellow bag that my gift - shown later - got put in. I'll upload it in my next haul, I promise!

Meet Matryoshka :) This adorable little gift consists of two limited edition So White soaps, a Cinders bath bomb and a So White bath bomb. So White is exclusive to Christmas. The soaps are 100g and 95g and I'm not sure about the bath bombs - probably about 150g between them. So White soap smells delicious and is described as: "A limited edition, very fruity hand and body sop that's sure to be the apple of your eye." Yum! At £9.95 it was a steal at half off for £4.97 :D

Up next is Mandarin's Tea Party soap. Probably the second most expensive item I got today is the £8.75 chunk that I got for £4.38. I kinda wished I smelt this more accurately in store - the description is lovely: "A superbly (as a side note is that even a word? I cannot for the life of me pronounce it) uplifting, brightening mandarin, neroli and orange blossom soap to bring a ray of sunshine into your winter's day." The mandarin/orange is lovely but the other scents remind me of Thai food and's interesting. But I'm not sure yet.

Angels Delight soap. Now I ranted about this soap last year - on three seperate occasions got it. Bought it once, free in a gift box twice. I hated it. The smell? Hardly there. The lathering? Ha. No moisture. 'Nuff said I thought. So why have I bought it again? Oddly this year it smells great: "Fruity, sparkly, limited edition special hand and body soap, tones and twinkles your skin" mhm. Well. We'll see. I paid just over £2 for it.

Lip Dip lip scrub. Nom nom. "Sherbert, cranberry and lemon flavour lip scrub" Smells decent and tastes alright but what I love is the consistency. Unlike it's LUSH siblings (I'm looking at you bubblegum! ¬¬) this actually isn't just sugar in a tub. Infact you can hardly feel the sugar, it is incredibly fine. It has a dough-like feel with oils in it and it scrubs without scratching or irritating whilst actually leaving your lips smooth. I think I need to buy a back up! £4.50 down to £2.25.

Christmas Eve bubble bar! Love it. Used this last year and it honestly is so soothing, puts you right to sleep and leaves a beautiful slightly twinkly deep blue bubbly bath. Just heaven. I'm planning to grab another on thursday, especially from £2.60 to a cheap £1.30! LUSH says: " calming, deep blue bubble bath to help you escape from seasonal stresses" and I have to say, I agree.

Moving onto the odd Bearded Lady bubble bar slice. LUSH claim: "A superbly(again?!) softening oat milk, shea butter and tangerine scented bar" uhm, okay? This smells decent and I mainly got it for all the silky bubbles promised. It's meant to be almost half bubble bar half bath melt so I'm excited to try it. It's honestly a strange scent though. Kinda spicy? spices. Or maybe something curry like. xD From £2.50 to £1.25.

Yay for Cinders bath ballistic! LUSH say it's a: "Fizz crackle and pop! A spicy soda scented crackling candy bath ballistic" mmmm. I may need to buy a back up even though I have that one from the gift set! Very cheap at 97p since it's only £1.95 usually! Smells divine.

Candy Cane bubble bar. Got this last year, smells great. Didn't rate it much but couldn't resist the smell. The bubbles are actually pretty good - at least 2-3 baths for a regular tub. Maybe two for our bath if I'm lucky and I mix a cocktail! LUSH say: "Sweet as candy and twice as bubbly" and this year I reckon so.

So that's the end of my post. Sorry that it's so uber fail and long and stuff. The pictures were taken on a stupid 3.2 megapixel mobile phone camera so apologies there. I love LUSH and I was not affliated at all with the company and I hope you had a Merry Christmas, merry sale and have a Happy New Year!

~ Huzzannah <3

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Welcome to my blog! :)

I will be updating this blog with beauty products/wish lists/NOTD/random after Christmas. Unfortunately, the only camera I have is the one on my mobile phone.

I'll have to remedy this before I can start blogging.

SO yeah. Just using blogger to follow other people for now. :D