Saturday, 8 October 2011

MAC CCO Haul Venomous Villains and Cremesheen Glass

Quick post, not much to say except I got these from a CCO in USA for about $11-13 pre tax. I love the Strange Potion lipglass from Venomous Villains collection - It's a beautiful shade, check it out on Temptalia for a different view of it. Mine is very bright pinky coral since I'm so pale! The sheen to it is lovely.

Fashion Whim cremesheen glass is okay, a bit too peachy nude for my liking however. I was hoping for a bit more pink oh well!

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Slatkin & Co Mini Candles Haul Bath and Body Works

Yep...not much to say except at 3 for $5, YUMMY!
These smell delish - can't wait to start using them ^^

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MAC CCO Haul Viva Glam Gaga 2 and Easy Lounger Lipglass Swatches Haul

I basically didn't buy anything from an actual MAC store when I was in USA but I did snag a few bargains from a CCO (cosmetics company outlet) which sells discounted high end brands/limited edition products.

Both of these lip products were about $11 pre tax.

L-R: Viva Glam Gaga lipstick (one swipe then two,) Easy Lounger Lipglass

The Viva Glam Gaga 2 lipstick is an Amplified Cream formula so it is very opaque, creamy and non drying with a slight glossy finish. It has a vanilla scent (as all MAC lip products do) and is comfortable to wear. Although it appears very dark against my skin tone I have found a way to wear it, playing on the tones to give myself more of a toffee/brown lip when applied with a similar lip gloss (such as Toffee by Barry M.)

Easy Lounger is a sheer pale pink packed with glitter. It is, however, not gritty or uncomfortable in the slightest and feels wonderful on the lips whilst giving a very beautiful, effortless finish if that makes sense? Basically it doesn't make you look like a 5year old with goop all over your lips, instead it makes your lips look underdone whilst still being a little bit more exciting than a natural lip.

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Dumbo Plush

Not sure why this warrants a post but oh well!

Just found this adorable Dumbo plush from Target way back in July/August for $9.99 and had to have it. It's so sweet!

Don't know about you but I hadn't seen Dumbo for years until this year and its suprising how sad it is! Poor little Dumbo! No wonder everyone was scared of the pink elephants scene though haha, what were they trying to teach us kids!

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NOTD: Revlon Lilac Pastelle

Quite disapointed in this polish for a few reasons!

First of all, the name 'Lilac Pastelle' I mean come on, in what way is this lilac? This wouldn't bother me so much IF Revlons lip gloss in 'Lilac Pastelle' was the same colour and was therefore, intentional, but this does not match that light lilac/lavender lip gloss at all. I am disappoint.

In my photos I tried really hard to capture the tiniest lilac hue to it but the reality is this is just a very light, basic pink cream that takes quite a few coats to be opaque. I can't remember the number unfortunately!

I had a bit of an issue with drying (but I do think i was in a rush and didn't give it enough chance) so by the time I had gone out to the car, I had huge dents on the tips. :c I removed it when I got back home.

Aside from the misleading name and odd drying time (which may have been my own fault) this made my nails look very long, pretty and elegant. It was a bit too girly for me in some ways but I can see this being a favourite light pink for some.

In the end, I left this in USA when I returned to the UK as I knew I wouldn't need it.

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