Saturday, 28 May 2011

Haul: Sally's China (Glaze OPI) & The Body Shop.

Been super busy - as always! ^^

Finally managed to shop a bit on Friday, it feels like forever since I spent any money! Saving is so tiresome but you do get used to it after a while I suppose.

I headed to Sally's beauty supply first of all as my friend had been there the night before and there were loads of nail polish on sale. Cue excitement! Usually by the time I get there there is nothing left (except for the regular priced pocket draining 10quid or so from OPI, ridiculous!) so I'm really glad I got there the next day. So much prettiness. Sigh...If only I had the money...

Regardless, I didn't do too badly!

From left-right: OPI Pamplona Purple, China Glaze: Sunset Sail, White Cap, Sea Spray, Pelican Grey

I had resigned myself to the fact that none of the China Glaze Anchors Away collection would be mine, It simply wasn't within my budget. I was thrilled when these were on sale for £3.14 (roughly £3.80 with VAT) each! I grabbed my favourites but I was so tempted to buy them all, I'm really gutted that Ahoy wasn't in stock though. For some reason I really liked that one...oh well. The last three were definitely my favourites, surprised they were still in store during a sale as they were quite popular on release.

OPI's Pamplona Purple is a lovely cream polish which is a darker plum/purple with a bit of pink, very versatile as it could be used on both toes and fingernails. At £3.49 before VAT I decided to add it to my collection. ^^

Bottom five are swatches, you won't be able to see White Cap properly unless you look up some other NOTD/swatches. Hopefully by the time I do a NOTD I can make that camera capture its beautiful golden sheen. Sunset Sail/Pelican Grey have a lovely cream formula with delicate silver shimmer, whilst Sea Spray is the same except the shimmer is much finer and just adds a little bit of depth.

Next up I used my £10 off a £25 purchase voucher in The Body Shop. For that money, I could have bought more little things but I simply couldn't resist!

First up is the Spa Wisdom Africa Ximenia & Salt Scrub for £15. In January I got a little 5ml sample of this and I fell in love, the scent is difficult to describe as it's pretty unique to me, yet lovely. The consistency is very interesting!

If you're looking for a really good exfoliating scrub, this isn't for you really. It's more of a moisturizing, gritty scrub that is really nice for gentle skin. It does leave my skin softer and smelling great and I love how gentle it really is. I won't say too much as I haven't really tested it out apart from my sample size so a review will be up later in the year when I've used some of this up, it's 350mls so it should last for a long time at least!

Next up for £5 is the Tea Tree Blackhead Exfoliating Wash. As lucky as I am to not really suffer from spots, I do have the most awful pores. Sadly, I doubt this will help too much. It's just a green gooey face wash with a few tiny flecks of apricot seed, useless really, although the tea tree is very noticeable. Not something to buy if you're used to St Ives scrubs, we'll see how this turns out I guess. Was hoping this would be a morning face scrub in the shower but it will just have to be a nice clearing cleanser.

Next up is the Honey & Oat 3-in-1 Scrub Mask. This is for dry/normal skin (which I am generally not, apart from a few problem areas) but this was the only face mask that actually smelt nice. The rest were, quite simply, gopping! This isn't a honey & oat foodie scent, it's more subtle and definitely a bit different to a breakfast treat but still lovely. Ironically this actually had far more scrub in it compared to the exfoliating wash, although this is definitely a moisturizing product. Tried this out last night and it's actually quite nice, oily/combination skin types tend to attack and dry out their skin a lot (yeah, me) but I do think my skin deserves a deep moisturize now and then so we'll see how this pans out.

And that's it! Sorry for the babbling, very boring I know. First impressions on products always are a bit tedious with me though, I can never be concise enough!

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Friday, 20 May 2011

NOTD & Magazine Freebies: Instyle & Nails Inc (Electric Teal/Fashion Fawn)

Pay £3.70 (not as good as the glamour magazine's deal!) for a copy of Instyle and get a free Nails Inc Polish worth £11! The first one I got my hands on was Electric Teal! A lovely (but darker than I expected) teal. It came in a black box with the nail polish sticker name on the top, peeled it off and stuck it to the bottom of the bottle so I wouldn't forget. :)

Quite hard to photograph, not impossible though. Lovely creamy formula - 1 coater as always Nails Inc, with another to even it out! In most lights this appeared as a darker blue on my skintone but in others the green really showed up. I'm so happy I finally have a dark teal - not very electric as you can see.

Next I grabbed ''Fashion Fawn'' which on most people is the perfect greige shade, on my pale skin though this pulls very murky brown! Despite the oddness on my skintone, I quite like this one.

Application was the same as teal mostly, a bit sheerer though. 2 Coats!
What do you think? Last NOTD of the night!

Until Next Time,


NOTD: Essie ''Mint Candy Apple no.702''

Second NOTD of the night, Mint Candy Apple is a lovely minty colour which is very hard to photograph! This is a very popular shade, though I wouldn't agree with what many people say about it. Whilst it is a lovely colour, I don't think it is a ''pure'' mint. In different lighting, this pulls very blue - almost cyan - and minty in others.

It's really bright too, as you can see, thankfully it wasn't too unforgiving on my pale skin!

What do you think?

Until Next Time,


NOTD: Barry M ''Berry Ice cream no. 308''

Popped this on the night before an exam as I was so tired from revising and needed a little relaxation! This is a lovely shade which I have worn before, very easy formula and great price!

I think it would suit a lot of skintones, what do you think?

By the way, this was from a week or so back. So sorry that I haven't been updating - been super busy! I'll have a few NOTD posts up tonight from previous...well, NOTDs. ^^

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Monday, 9 May 2011

Fruity! [09.05.10]

Hi all! ^^

Over the weekend I had my very first pomegranate. This odd new fruit was delicious and I found myself wanting more! On Saturday, instead of a fatty pudding, we had strawberries and single cream and since then I've been craving fruit!

As a result, I mixed up a tasty bowl of fruit and cream and decided to share as I found it so nommy. I'm hoping to make a habit of this - as crazy as it seems I feel so much better since eating more fruit over such a short period of time.

First I chopped up the four remaining strawberries and tossed in a a bit of pomegranate. ^^

Then, like an idiot, decided to faff about and make some shapes with the pretty fruit. xD

This bit looks so stupid - don't they remind you of eggs?! It's actually banana slices with half a grape on top ^^

Then I poured single cream all over it and got this lovely fruity desert! It was lovely and reminded me of Spring. :) It's so annoying how expensive fruit is in the UK though - hopefully I'll stay stocked up.

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Sunday, 8 May 2011

NOTD: Barry M ''Blue Moon'' no. 317

Today I have a NOTD post from awhile back, I've been super busy!

This is the second new nail paint from Barry M, number 317 Blue Moon. I prefer Peach Melba to this but this is still a lovely colour! You can't tell by my crappy swatch but It has a lovely bright blue shimmer running through it that transfers to the nail. ^^ A perfect spring colour.

Application is so-so, It's very sheer so it needs 3 coats to reach full opacity. At least it isn't too thick instead!

What do you think?

Until Next Time,