Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Lipstick Haul/Swatches & Semi-Review (feat. Revlon, 17 & GOSH)

As promised (but a lot later than expected, sorry) this is the second part of my haul from February 10th. I pretty much ran out of room for the post - but I also wanted to swatch them and give you a little rundown on the actual lipsticks themselves.

I got four of them - a beginning to a new collection really! ^-^

From L-R; GOSH 134 Darling, Revlon Matte 001 Nude Attitude, Revlon Matte 002 Pink Pout, 17 Mirror Shine in Belle

Relvon Matte Lipsticks currently retail for £2 off of £7.49 each in Superdrug/Boots stores. I couldn't pass these up at £5.49 each!^-^
001 Nude Attitude is a very foundation/orange light nude that is perfect for the tanned - unfortunately I am so pale that I simply cannot pull it off without turning it into a ''peachy orange'' rather than the nude I intended to purchase it for!

002 Pink Pout is simply gorgeous. I consider it to be a bright, warm but slightly deep pink which has a distinct purple/mauve tone to it. It's lovely! You can either apply this liberally and leave it as it is or blot it to get a wearable lip.

Revlon Matte lipsticks are not necessarily drying - but they're not very moisturizing or creamy in application either. So while they don't dry out your lips, the colour can settle and exaggerate any dryness from before application. A lip balm is a must before application and a gloss on top, unless you want a very natural lip which is totally optional. I consider these to be the perfect lipstick as they are drugstore and with a little care look lovely.

GOSH's Velvet Touch Lipstick in 134 Darling retails at £6.49 - I got it for £2 off with a gift box coupon from GOSH.

As you can probably tell, Darling is a very light nude. However, I do not really rate this lipstick at all. Whilst it is light enough for me, the application manages to be glossy as well as showing off the dryness at the same time. It applies a bit patchy. It's also not the ''perfect'' nude for me, although it suits me a lot more than Nude Attitude, this nude is still slightly too yellow concealer/foundation toned to work. Plus I've noticed my natural lip line is incredibly hard to work with for nudes!

17 Mirror Shine On Lipstick in Belle - RRP @ £4.59

Okay - so it's not the longest lasting lipstick in the world but it's perfect! I had heard some great things about this lipstick and after seeing the light, glossy swatch on my own hand I had to get it for myself. This, along with Pink Pout, is my favourite lipstick of this entire post. Maybe even more! This lipstick is more of a tint which can built up or kept sheer and it is amazingly glossy. You don't need a lip gloss on top!

Belle is super creamy, easy to apply and that perfect ''my lips but better shades.'' The lipstick is so moisturizing it's unbelievable. You can even apply it directly on dry lips and they will suddenly look healthy, smooth, soft, coloured and glossy. The perfect tinted lip balm really! As a result it does require a good amount of reapplication but I don't find that necessarily a bother. L-R: 17 Mirror Shine Lipstick in Belle, Revlon Matte 002 Pink Pout, Revlon Matte 001 Nude Attitude, GOSH 134 Darling Velvet Touch Lipstick

In all, I recommend the 17 Mirror Shine Belle and Pink Pout Revlon Matte out of the four. I'm still on the look out for a good nude, maybe when I can get my hands on some MAC...

Until Next Time, Full of Love


Friday, 11 February 2011

Shopping Haul feat. LUSH, Sanctuary, Bourjois & Finally Hollister!

I'm sorry but this is only part one of a haul! This post is going to be very picture heavy so I apologize in advance!

Me and my friend
went shopping together yesterday.
I'll start with Hollister as clothes/accessories are definitely in a minority here. The UK is fairly expensive for clothing ) so I only really get things I truly adore or are on sale.

This pretty floral decal tank was on clearance for £10.90 in size small

I couldn't pass this up, cute no? It will be great for Summer or everyday wear! My friend also grabbed the grey version of this. I kind of wished I had that one as well but I was tight on cash.

Grey friendship braclet RRP £3

We also got some friendship bracelets (Lol - these are actually classified as males!) from Hollister. I got grey while she opted for the navy, I kind of want them all! Very cheap too. ^^

Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer in 52 Eclat Medium, Healthy Mix Foundation in 51 Vanille Clair & 3D Effect Les Nudes 3-Dimensional Cosmic Shine in 33 Brun Poetic

I got these on a 3-for-2 deal at Superdrug. This offer is only valid until the 15th of February so grab your products quick! The foundation was £9.99 and the concealer was £7.49, leaving the £6.99 Lipgloss as the free purchase.

I have been agonizing over this concealer & foundation for ages! I decided to grab this foundation as I've read raving reviews over it's coverage, appearance and blending. Due to a fantastic experience with another foundation from Bourjois, I've decided to give this one a go! It also has tons of ''fruit'' ingredients which, as you would have guessed, gives this foundation a pleasant smell.

The concealer is for blemishes and despite the slight thickness of the concealer I have already used it on my under-eye circles and it coped really well!

Brun Poetic is a beautiful pinky, shimmery nude. It's a few shades lighter than Barry M's Toffee lip gloss and although it hasn't stolen my heart, it is a very nice lip gloss. Not overly sticky. :)
Sanctuary Spa Fresh Faces Purifying Wash Cleanser, Deep Cleanse Facial Pore Refining Toner and Brightening Facial Illuminating Moisture Lotion SPF15.

The Cleanser retails at £7.14 (£2.14) Toner at £7.14 (£2.14) and the Lotion at £ 13.27 (£8.27 with voucher)

Better run along to Boots quick - spend £3.50 and get a £5 off Facial voucher free. It can be used on many brands but as I am anti animal testing companies, only a few brands were usable by me! I saved a total of £15 in two stores with three vouchers, I also have another voucher which I got from buying the lotion. I've been needing a new cleanser/toner/moisturizer for ages and I'm glad I finally nabbed myself some bargains. I'm planning on grabbing something else cheaply before the voucher runs out haha! I've been using these for only two nights, but so far so good! Very good deal for such a reasonably expensive high street but good quality brand. ^^

The adorable LUSH valentines day shopping bag, pile of LUSH goodies and the latest LUSH times newspaper. ^^

LUSH's Ma Bar Bubble Bar RRP £2.50

Mhm...this smells nice! A sweet choco/honey/sugary scent that isn't overpowering. I've wanted a clear/white ish bubble bar so I can mix it with bath ballistics and not have to worry about having the pink bubble bar take over the bath. So now I can have any colour bath I wish! :D

LUSH's Floating Island Bath Melt RRP £3.60

This smells lovely - a sweet lemony bundle of goodness. I am really hoping this will moisturize well! I'm tempted to drop the whole thing in the bath tub and inhale the wonderful scent whilst bathing in a milky-soft bath haha! ^-^

LUSH's Ex Factor Bath Ballistic RRP 1.99

Yum Yum Yum! This smells awesome, just like butterball, with the added twist of being BLUE! This is actually a back-up as I know this is an amazing bath ballistic. I truly recommend picking this up! Isn't he adorable?! Just imagine slowly melting your ''ex'' into the bathtub, one leg at a time >:D Haha, not really. He just looks cute to me - his little heart! D'aw! ^^

Pandora's latest mini-catalogue books

Does anybody else love Pandora? I don't care if it's popular though where I live it has suddenly become a fad. What do you think of Pandora? I'm not really into jewellery - but some items just get to me. :)''

Notice anything different? This post is already long enough without the addition of FOUR lipsticks! Haha ^^' silly me.

So part two will be put up in a little while, next time I have a free half hour or so. I'm currently on study leave as I have preliminary exams! So I've got to keep up with that and make sure I get good grades!

Until next time, a lot of love.


Wednesday, 9 February 2011

LUSH Valentines Day 2011 Products Haul! & Lip Balm

Hello dear readers! I finally got round to revamping my blog, now it has a little bit more of a personal touch! The template is adorable, it's a little bit girly for me, but it's so sweet that I couldn't pass it up. That adorable little bird! -squee-

Anyway, on to the haul! LUSH has it's usual Valentines Day products out in stores for you to spoil that special someone with. ^^ I thought, why not spoil myself?!

First of all I took advantage of the 3 for 2 offer going on at Superdrug on the lip Balms.

L-R, T-B: Pile of Packaging, Nivea Milk&Honey, Carmex Strawberry, Nivea SoftRose

Each of these smell great in their own way. Soft Rose appears to apply no colour at all, yet it does bring out the natural roseiness of my lips. Milk & Honey is soft and nice to wear but not the most amazing moisture, just like Soft Rose. Carmex smells delish - unfortunately I think it actually dries out my lips slightly.

LUSH's It's Raining Men Shower Gel RRP 250ml @ £7.95

If you are even a slight fan of Honey I Washed the Kids Soap, you need this! It smells divine! The description is far too long winded to write out, sorry. However, it is a toffee/caramel/honey scent with a hint of some sort of floralness that I can't put my finger on. Last year, I hated Honey I Washed the Kids soap as I had hyped it up so much due to amazing reviews. The reality was a disapointment. For some reason though, I can't get enough of this scent now! It smells amazing and it's limited edition so grab it quick. It lingers for a little while and If you use at as a hand soap, you are going to be sniffing your paws constantly! I'm battling myself on whether or not the grab a backup of this haha!

LUSH's Honey I Washed The Kids Soap - 0.142kg @ £4.40

As a result of the lovely bottle of shower gel, I thought ''Why not give the soap another go?'' This smells really great exactly the same as before. Which pretty much proves that this soap WAS good last time, I was just annoyed because it didn't have that WHAM! everybody had raved about. I'm sorry I doubted how nice you really were, HIWTK S2

LUSH's Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar RRP £2.30

Yummy. This has the scent of Yummy x3 (a discontinued popular shower gel that I never got a chance to try ;_; ) which is a Strawberry/Vanilla/Cream scent. This is such an adorable little bubble bar, it turns the bath a milky red/pink apparently. I haven't used it yet but I really want a back up!

LUSH's Ex Factor Bath Ballistic RRP £1.99

Yummy & Cheap, could it be any better? This smells of Vanilla/Cream - the Butterball scent. It's amazing, I simply adore this scent. He's gonna turn the bath a lovely baby blue and you get that great satisfaction of melting off his arms/legs one at a time in revenge. >:D

& My next LUSH cocktail bath!

Doesn't this look yummy? ^^ It's Raining Men Shower Gel to wash (and maybe bubble bath a bit too,) a quarter of the comforter to add some colour/bubbles whilst also keeping it sweet, two old honey ballistics - the Honey Bun and the Honey Bee (they're quite old so they won't be overpowering in the bath, just add a little honey smell.) The last is half a Fizzbanger ballistic. This is a caramelly/fresh apple scented bomb that's gonna go green in the bath and just be lovely scented. I can't wait to use this! It's going to be a honey/sweet/fresh/appley bath with a nice green/pink bath water with tons of bubbles.

Yum! What is your favourite LUSH cocktail?! ^-^